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Below are sample rates for square footage, of course we will customize a program and price based upon your specific needs. Contact us to set up a free visit and estimate.



Initial Cleaning Rate                         Weekly      Bi-Weekly         Monthly

Up To 1000 sq feet------100.00              65                 75                  100

1000-1200 sq feet-------110.00               75                 85                  105

1300-1500 sq feet-------120.00               80                 95                  110

1600-1800 sq feet-------135.00               90                100                 115

1900-2100 sq feet-------150.00             100                110                 120

2200-2400 sq feet-------165.00             110                115                 135

2500-3000 sq feet-------185.00             120                130                 155



Sample House Cleaning Rates for Jacksonville, Florida- Monthly Service is 4-6 weeks from previous service. 

As a reminder if you change the time between service your price will change to reflect that. For example: If you are a weekly and need to skip a week, no problem with a 48 hour notice...but your next cleaning will be at the bi-weekly rate. Monthly is considered 4-6 weeks from previous service.

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